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07 Effective Ways To Sleep Well For People With Difficulty Sleep

Chúng ta đôi khi phải tốn mất hàng giờ liền nằm trằn trọc, không thể nào ngủ được và đôi mắt cứ sáng bừng như những chiếc đèn pha. Đọc bài viết để khám phá ngay 07 cách dễ ngủ hiệu quả.
07 Effective Ways To Sleep Well For People With Difficulty Sleep

When working, we often fall asleep easily and want to go to bed to sleep right away immediately, however, by the time we go to bed, we sometimes spend hours tossing and turning. How to sleep easily is a question many people always ask. To relieve this anxiety, Ru9 will suggest the following easy ways to fall asleep in the hope that you will find a way to help yourself fall asleep faster.< /p>

1. Listening to relaxing music is an effective way to fall asleep

Music is not only our life but also can greatly improve the quality of sleep. This is one of the most effective and easy ways to do it. You can schedule music playback for about 20-30 minutes with gentle music such as melodious love ballads, classical jazz or simply piano songs.

listen to relaxing music

Listen to music at the top of the list in easy ways to fall asleep.

With music accompanying you, you will easily relax and fall asleep. However, keep the phone a relative distance from your bed to avoid the influence of waves on your brain.

2. Lower the room temperature

Hot weather is one of the things that makes us uncomfortable and unable to sleep. If there is air conditioning, set the appropriate temperature (18-23 degrees) to make it easier for us to sleep. If you only have fans, turn them on to keep the whole room cool.

3. Avoid using electronic devices before bed

Electronic devices such as TVs, laptops and especially phones are one of the important things that we use every hour. in today's modern world. However, taking them regularly before bed can make it significantly harder to fall asleep because they keep our minds active and excited. What's more, these devices emit blue light, causing your eyes to become tired and dry. It also affects our body's circadian rhythm, our natural sleep and wake cycles.

referencing the device is dead before it's stupid

Avoiding electronic devices is a powerful way to sleep better.

You should disconnect all electronic devices and store your computer and mobile phone in a quiet place, Not being distracted is the way to fall asleep. If you need to use your device late in the evening, at least consider blocking blue light with eyeglasses or a screen filter.

4. Daily exercise

One ​​of the ways to sleep better in the long term is exercise. Physical activity can increase sleep duration and quality because it boosts serotonin production in the brain and lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Besides, the time of day when you exercise is also important. Research shows that exercising early in the morning will help you have better health and easier to get quality sleep. Only 15-30 minutes of exercise every day, not only your health but also your mental health will improve amazingly.

5. Practicing Yoga and Meditation

When we are stressed, we tend to have trouble sleeping. To reduce anxiety, sleep easier is to practice yoga and meditation because they help calm the mind and relax the body. Unlike daily exercise, yoga encourages the practice of breathing patterns and body movements that release tension and bring positive energy. This is an effective method to help purify your soul when you have time to listen to yourself.

how to sleep

Yoga, meditation to listen to the body is the way to sleep easily.

For the practice of meditation, it can boost melatonin levels and help the brain achieve a specific state where sleep is easy to achieve. okay.

6. Practice writing before going to bed

Some people have trouble sleeping because their thoughts keep running around in their heads. Research has shown that this can create anxiety and stress, which can create negative emotions and disturb sleep.

If this is the case, stop trying to sleep, get a notebook and journal. This is a way that many people overlook because it takes time and requires persistence. But you should remember that, when you write it down, your thoughts will be released, whether positive or negative things will be expressed in written language, which makes you more comfortable.

writing practice

Writing puts us to sleep because it helps you express your thoughts.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes writing down the events of the day - or may happen in the future - that could create a state of gratitude and happiness, downplaying stressful events and promoting more relaxation before bed. And it's important not only to focus on the positives, but also to focus on how you feel at the time. When you are truly true to yourself, not lying, your mind will feel lighter. So this is considered a good way to sleep.

7. Use a mattress to support the body

The mattress is an important part of our sleep quality. Can you review how old your mattress is and if there are any signs of deterioration? Maybe this is the reason why you can't fall asleep quickly.

According to research by US National Institutes of Health , a mattress with full support, coolness and ventilation in each material is the way to sleep faster and deeper. With certification by CertiPUR-US®< /span>, requires strict standards on materials: Does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury,... Ru9 believes Ru 9 Original mattress is a great solution for those who are facing the situation difficulty sleeping. To understand better, we can go through some special points of Ru9 mattress.

Flexibly embracing the natural curvature of the spine thanks to the top layer - Ru9® Contour Foam (HR foam).

mattress support

Motto Ru9 Original flexibly hugs the natural curvature of the spine.

With the structure in the top layer - Ru9 Contour Foam has high resistance to pressure, creating a flat surface with good elasticity, lifting Complete support for the spine for the spine and the body. This will prevent you from feeling back pain when you sleep, so just lay down on this bed and you will easily fall asleep.

Sleep all year round

As discussed above, high temperature is one of the reasons why we have trouble sleeping. Thanks to the Tencel Knitted Fabric, it is much softer and cooler than regular woven cotton fabric.

In addition, thanks to the breathable design and open structure of the Foam, the mattress won't get hot even if you wear it. lying in one place for many hours, thanks to that, Ru9 mattress helps us always feel cool and comfortable when dropping on the mattress.

Through this article, I hope you were able to find the problems you're having with the right sleeping style for you. self. To build an ideal sleep, we have to establish some habits and a reasonable sleeping environment, Ru9 hopes that you will be persistent enough to create great things for your sleep.

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