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1m6 x 2m mattress: Installment purchase with 0% interest rate, 100 nights of Free Trial Sleep

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1m6 x 2m mattress: Installment purchase with 0% interest rate, 100 nights of Free Trial Sleep

1m6 x 2m is the mattress size commonly used in Vietnamese families today. However, many people still wonder if this mattress size is suitable for their needs. Besides buying the right size mattress, choosing the right material is also extremely important. Many people wonder which mattress to buy right? Why is Ru9's 1m6 foam mattress recommended by many people? Let's learn about 1m6 x 2m mattress, also known as Queen mattress through the article below!

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Luxury, modern and quality Ru9 mattress

Memory foam is known for its many outstanding features compared to other materials on the market. It has the ability to automatically adjust the support according to the shape and weight of the person lying on it. Here are a few outstanding features of memory foam material in the 1m6 x 2m mattress owned by Ru9:

Four outstanding advantages of 1m6 foam mattress from Ru9

1. Ru9 mattress has full support:

Through body temperature and weight, memory foam will make corresponding adjustments to suit each moment. As a result, the material of this 1m6 x 2m mattress line brings maximum comfort to the user.

2. Release pressure evenly:

Memory foam material has the ability to relieve horizontal pressure. Therefore, you can use it with complete peace of mind when any part of the body is supported the same.

3. Reduce spinal pain when using:

This is the reason many people with spinal pain or herniated disc choose to buy memory foam mattresses.

With the outstanding feature of memory foam, many mattress buyers prefer this material. However, to achieve optimal performance, mattress manufacturers need to combine many other foam materials. Ru9 memory foam mattress with size 1m6 x 2m is one of the best products in using 3 different types of foam to produce mattresses.

4. The most honest price

Most of the market today, the 1m8 mattress, 1m6 mattress, 1m4 mattress or 1m2 mattress that customers buy include the commission cost. for agents, taxes, warehousing costs, etc., that is not including commissions for level 1, level 2 agents… The job mattress 1m6 x 2m< span> Through many levels of distribution agents, the price of the mattress increases. Therefore, even though you feel you can buy a cheap mattress, you are actually paying a higher amount than the quality of the product.

Only at Ru9 is different, mattress price at Ru9 only includes production and business costs. When you buy a mattress at Ru9, you will be buying the true quality of a premium mattress. 1m8 mattress, 1m6 mattress, mattress 1m4, Ru9's 1m2 mattress will be shipped directly from the factory to your door without going through any intermediary stores. You will not have to pay any other costs during the purchase of a mattress at Ru9.

5. Ideal size for couples

The 1m6 x 2m mattress is a commonly used mattress in Vietnamese families today, in line with the traditional bed design. This size is often the ideal choice for couples, or single sleepers who like to be spacious. The size of the mattress is just enough to lie comfortably without taking up much of the bedroom. Therefore, this mattress will be suitable for medium-sized rooms from 10 to 15 square meters for couples or solo sleepers who like to be spacious.

If you are still wondering which mattress size is right for you, let Ru9 answer at here.

1m6 mattress from Ru9 accompanies a good night's sleep

Ru9 is always proud to be a reputable brand in providing quality and safe 1m6 x 2m mattress. All products under the brand are manufactured based on modern science and technology factors. In addition, Ru9 also has a variety of mattress sizes such as: mattress 1m2, 1m8 mattress, ... to optionally reach the bedroom from small to large. At the same time, Ru9 has produced many different thick mattresses such as: 15cm Ru9 foam mattress, 25cm thick Ru9 mattress.

Ru9's mattress is made up of three layers of foam: firm bottom foam, active foam with integrated gel Refrigeration and Contour foam. Therefore, in addition to the features of memory foam, Ru9's 1m6 sizes mattress also has many features that are superior to other mattresses on the market. Specifically:

  • Optimal support according to the body curve, keeping the spine straight.
  • Relieves body pressure and aids in motion separation.
  • Breathable cover, easy to clean.
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The mattress size 1m6 x 2m Ru9 is friendly to the vast majority of users

Ru9's 1m6 foam mattress meets 6 health and safety standards

In particular, Ru9 foam mattress is also the first Vietnamese mattress product to receive certification CertiPUR-US ® on safety for consumers' health. Specifically, Ru9 mattress foam has met 6 standards:

  1. The manufacturing process does not affect the atmosphere;
  2. No flame retardant chemicals;
  3. The mattress does not contain mercury, lead or heavy metals;
  4. Does not contain formaldehyde that affects the skin and respiratory system;
  5. The mattress does not contain phthalates that affect the immune system;
  6. Low VOC emissions (0.5 per million).

So, mattress 1m6 x 2m of Ru9 is trusted by many mattress buyers. Ru9 becomes a companion to create a good night's sleep for millions of customers.

Ru9 benefits for customers when buying mattresses at Ru9

Of all the Ru9 mattresses offered today, 1m6 is the most popular size. Besides the superior quality, the product also has a moderate size, suitable for the common bed size of Vietnamese people.
Ru9 mattress also comes with optimal services for customers when purchasing. mattress at Ru9 like:

  • Free shipping, delivery and returns.
  • Policy of 100 days of trial sleep to experience quality. If you are not satisfied with any size of 1m8 mattress, 1m6 mattress, 1m4 mattress or 1m2 mattress within this time, you can return the item for a full refund and get a 100% refund.
  • To ensure the durability as promised, Ru9 products are warranted for 10 years.
  • Support to buy mattress with installment payment with 0% interest rate, reducing financial burden for customers.
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The 1m6 foam mattress fits many bedroom spaces.

For more complete sleep, the 1m6 Ru9 mattress will be the best choice that you and your loved ones should not ignore. Because besides the smoothness and comfort, the product also supports to improve health and treat diseases of muscles, bones, joints ... effectively. Therefore, please contact Ru9 through website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering, or visit showrooms, stores to buy Ru9 mattress to own this quality and preeminent mattress right away!

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