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6 Ways to choose a good mattress for sleep, protect the family's spine

mattress is a familiar and seemingly impossible item insufficient for each family's bedroom. There is nothing happier than the feeling of being curled up in a blanket and sleeping soundly on a soft mattress! Therefore, the quality of the mattress is a factor that directly affects sleep. If you are wondering how to choose mattress types, type which mattress is good then don't ignore the following shares!
6 Ways to choose a good mattress for sleep, protect the family's spine

1. Choose a mattress with high elasticity

The elasticity of mattresses is different. A good mattress is a mattress with high elasticity to reduce pressure, keep the spine straight, gently support the body and eliminate numbness and pain. In addition, mattress has good elasticity and helps blood circulation and circulation. good. Mattresses made from foam will have high flexibility and good resilience.

The elasticity of the mattress is an important criterion when choosing a mattress

2. Choose a mattress with high ventilation

A mattress with good ventilation will reduce the situation of a hot, secretive cellar, especially on hot days. If the mattress is blocked, sleep will become a "torture". You should choose a mattress with a structure and breathable material to help you sleep comfortably and not be forced in any weather!

3. Choose a mattress with the right height

Should choose a mattress with a reasonable height, ensuring enough support for the body. Usually, good mattresses are 15cm, 25cm or 30cm thick. For those who often have back pain and body aches, it is recommended to choose a mattress thickness of 15cm or more, to help improve health in the most optimal way. In the case of not using the bed, you can completely use the 25cm mattress as a bed, both convenient and soft and comfortable!

The subtlety of choosing mattress height is essential

4. Choose a mattress with high durability

The durability of mattress is what any consumer wants. The average lifespan of a mattress in a household is 10-15 years. If you pay attention, you can realize that the lifespan of a mattress is long or short depending on the elasticity of the mattress. The higher the elasticity, the longer the mattress will last.

5. Choose a mattress with safe materials

The mattress is where you and your family will stick together for a long time. Did you know that each person can spend up to ⅓ of their life sleeping? If the mattress material is toxic and unsafe, it is really dangerous. Therefore, people should choose mattresses with materials that are certified to be safe from reputable testing centers. Especially when buy mattress for grandparents, small children or pregnant women in the family, you need to choose carefully!

6. Which mattress is good to help protect the spine

Which mattress type is good for sleeping and protecting the spine
Foam mattress is a perfect choice for every sleep

For the concern of choosing a mattress to help protect health and improve sleep quality, Foam mattress is currently a good candidate. Elasticity of Foam mattress is superior to mattresses made of high-quality rubber. Thanks to this ideal elasticity, the foam mattress helps to support and protect the spine in any sleeping position. Moreover, Foam mattress is also light in weight, easy to move, highly breathable, and has a durability of up to 10-15 years. In particular, the materials used to make the foam mattress are environmentally friendly, which does not affect the health of the user.

Ru9 Foam Mattress

In the current foam mattress market, Ru9 is a brand that is being trusted by many families. Ru9 foam mattress is made from 3 layers of high performance foam (solid structure).
Ru9 mattress features:

  • Optimal support according to the curve of the body, keeping the spine straight in any position
  • Relieves body pressure and helps prevent movement for a restful sleep
  • The cover is breathable and easily removable for washing for a safe and hygienic sleeping environment
  • Cotton layer (3 layers of foam on the outside) is fire retardant, minimizing the ignition of the mattress
  • Certified safe for users' health from CertiPUR-US (one of the prestigious certifications in the US as well as in the world about foam mattresses). This certification ensures that it meets all factors such as: ensuring health, being environmentally friendly and having high durability.
  • Packed in a box, very convenient for quick and easy transportation

As a sleep company, Ru9 – The Sleep Company constantly creates and applies advanced technologies With the desire to bring customers high quality products and outstanding services, helping people have the most comfortable sleep. When chooses a good mattress, put your trust in Ru9, good nights sleep will come to your family!