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5 Bedroom Arrangement Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

5 Bedroom Arrangement Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

In fact, there are many factors that contribute to hindering your sleep. Where sleeping space is also part of the problem. The arrangement of the bedroom can become a way to treat insomnia without drugs.

The bedroom acts as a multi-functional room - both a place to work, read, entertain... But in the end it is still a place of respect. strictly for sleep. This room must be the most personal and important space in any home - a calming oasis that brings a sense of relaxation and comfort. Here Ru9 will share some tips on how you can arrange your bedroom for better sleep.

1. Layout bedroom filled with darkness

Our mind and body's natural circadian rhythms work in light and dark cycles. To put it simply, in the morning we wake up, and at night we go to sleep. Therefore, the amount of light in the bedroom will more or less affect your sleep.

Light from electronic devices such as digital clocks, televisions, phones, computers... can light up the bedroom and disturb your REM sleep.

The amount of light in the room affects your sleep.

The amount of light in the room affects your sleep.

So when decorating your bedroom, look for ways to reduce unwanted light at night. This will make it much easier to fall asleep. For example, turn off all electronic devices, block out light from outside windows at night but don't block it during the day.

2. Adjust the room temperature suitable for the body

A room that is too cold or too hot can affect how you sleep at night. A simple tip to check if you think this is your nighttime problem is to try lowering the room temperature to see how the quality of sleep is that day.

Cooler temperatures are beneficial for sleep. This may be one of the reasons why we seem to sleep better when it rains.

You can also adjust the bedroom temperature differently. Ceiling fans are a reasonable choice for cooling the entire house. Plus, it also provides a smooth, steady white noise.

3. Bedroom layout with soothing colors and sounds

Bright and vibrant colors can be fun, but sometimes they shouldn't be used in the bedroom, especially if you're the type that has trouble sleeping . Many studies show that cold colors lower blood pressure and heart rate to help ensure a good night's sleep.

For most people, these are softer, warmer colors, but you can choose the colors that appeal to you most. That's why it's important to emphasize colors that make you feel good at bedtime.

 Painting walls white and using green accents can help with your sleep.

Paint the walls white and use green accents

may help your sleep.

For renters or on a limited budget, it's not necessary to completely change the color scheme in the bedroom. You can accent certain colors with a well-fitting bedding set, rug or wall art.

4. A good mattress is the key to a good night's sleep

A good night's sleep can be as simple as sleeping on a sheet mattress new. If your mattress is too lumpy, hard, or soft, it will keep you up all night trying to feel comfortable.

The ideal mattress for your body weight and sleeping position (back, side or stomach). The more you keep your spine straight, the more your body recovers during sleep.

Ru9 memory foam mattress is the solution for modern sleep
Ru9 memory foam mattress is the solution for modern sleep

Ru9 memory foam mattress is a personalized sleep solution. With a high-performance foam layer that perfectly hugs the natural curve of the spine, ensuring the health of the user.

At the same time, the exclusive contour foam layer in the Ru9 mattress helps relieve outstanding pressure on many different points of the body, providing a deeper sleep and feeling. smooth feeling from the first night.

Breathable open particles in the foam layers and high absorbent spandex mattress cover, combined with cold gel particles in memory foam that are activated upon contact contact with body temperature, bring cool sleep.

Because up to 93% of people think a comfortable mattress is important for quality sleep. Therefore, the Ru9 memory foam mattress can be a completely worthwhile investment.

5. Prepare pillows, mattresses, bed sheets exclusively for your sleep

In addition to mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets also play an important role in making your bed comfortable and attractive. Pillows can prevent neck and shoulder pain by keeping your head and spine aligned. Bed sheets create a soft, cozy feel while helping to control your body temperature.

Invest in a hypoallergenic bedding set that fits snugly into your bed to protect your sleep from stains, bacteria, and dust mites. Ru9 Bedding Set is a suggestion for you to feel the difference at first sight.

Ru9 Bedding Set creates a soft, cozy feel in your bedroom

Ru9 Bedding Set creates a soft, cozy feeling in your bedroom

Ru9 Bedding Set is made of natural long fiber cotton fabric, high density weave, so it feels very soft and breathable. Because it is a natural material, Ru9 Bedding Set does not cause irritation and will become softer and more comfortable during use and after each wash.

Once you have your ideal sleeping environment in place, you need to keep it that way. Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy is beneficial for your physical and mental health. Hopefully through this article, you will know what it takes to create the perfect environment for sleep. Ru9 wishes you a good night's sleep every day!