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5 Reasons you should invest in a good mattress

5 Reasons you should invest in a good mattress

The average person spends up to 25% of their life sleeping - the most efficient way to recharge the body. Sleep is not just for rest, sleep is the only time when the muscles, ligaments and spine can be completely relaxed, helping to improve health. In particular, sleep is extremely important for the body's recovery process.

According to the study “Quantitative influence of mattress types on sleep quality” (2006), mattress texture has a great impact on sleep quality. sleep and emotional index. On the market today, there are many different types of mattress: latex mattress, mattress memory foam span>, cotton mattress, foam mattress,... But experts say that when buy a good mattress needs to consider the following 5 notes:

1. Reduce reduce aches and pains with a good mattress

Average sleep requires 8 hours. During such a long time, when the muscles and spine "rest", the mattress needs to do a good job of supporting the body. A good mattress needs to be able to support the curves. natural body, hugs the shoulders and hips for comfort.

This significantly reduces chronic aches and pains in the neck, back and hips over time as the mattress's elasticity distributes the weight body weight evenly and eliminate undue stress on any part.

Also, a good mattress It will keep the sleeping position from compressing and causing symptoms of muscle tension, low back pain, and straightening the spine. At that time, the spine is really relaxed, which will give the body the opportunity to rejuvenate during sleep.

2. Improve improve sleep quality

According to the study “Relation between sleep quality and mattress texture” published in 2002, sheet The right mattress will improve your sleep quality and your quality of life.

<3 Prolonged stress and sleep disturbances can lead to depression or other psychological problems.

However, you can easily avoid these problems simply by choosing a good mattress. A comfortable mattress that provides a peaceful sleep will minimize stress. The quality of a good night's sleep is reflected in a refreshing mood, a balanced circadian rhythm and metabolism, improved memory, and enhanced performance and productivity.< /p>

3. Lift high quality of life

From the benefits of quality sleep to an energetic life. Quoted from “A Guide to Women & Sleep” by associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University: “Sleep even has an impact on weight loss.” When you sleep enough and properly, a happy mood helps digestion and metabolism take place more actively, minimizing the accumulation of fat and harmful substances in the body, from which you will have a healthy body. healthy or able to lose weight safely.

4. No causes allergies

High-quality mattresses often have a texture that feels airy to the skin. When exposed to the mattress for a long time, the body does not feel hot, especially, the skin does not encounter dermatological problems such as itching, acne or dry skin. This depends entirely on the mattress manufacturing technology.

In the market, memory foam is recognized as the only mattress that does not cause back heat when lying down. The mattress structure consists of breathable open particles in the foam layers combined with cold gel particles that are activated when in contact with body heat to provide a cool sleep. In addition, memory foam can minimize the growth of bacteria or dust, avoid causing respiratory allergies such as nasal congestion, sneezing, difficulty breathing, ... with intelligent design. Smart and easy to clean when needed.

5. Dark cost effective in the long run

High-quality mattresses often come with a hefty price tag. However, the quality of these mattresses will always go hand in hand with durability. Or with mattresses that can be easily cleaned or transported like memory foam, the lifespan is even up to 10 years. With such an expense compared to the great benefits that the mattress brings to sleep and quality of life, it is a reasonable investment and can be "profitable".

Why is memory foam a necessary investment?

Memory foam is a mattress line that can meet the above 5 criteria well because of its outstanding advantages compared to other mattresses:

  • With the feature of evenly distributing pressure horizontally, memory foam mattress has the ability to fully support the body body by automatically adjusting the corresponding support to the natural curve of the body. On the other hand, the muscles, bones, joints and other soft spots are also fully relaxed, for a comfortable sleep all night..
  • Foam is a lightweight material that makes it easy to transport, store, and clean, or a mattress that is completely comfortable You can compress the air and roll it up neatly to close the shipping box like the memory foam mattress line at Ru9.

In the Vietnamese market, Ru9 is a brand that provides sleeping mattresses made of memory foam material trusted by customers with exclusive advanced quality that has undergone rigorous testing and meets safety standards. All American - CertiPUR certified - US. Ru9's sleeping mattress is manufactured with perfect motion isolation technology to keep a full and restful sleep, and the ability to understand the body to fully support curves to help minimize post-wake aches and pains. get up. The optimal combination of 3 layers of firm, soft and breathable foam ensures you have the best, cool and comfortable sleep. The sophisticated design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient with a 360-degree Spandex cover that is absorbent, removable for cleaning when needed.

In addition, when buying at Ru9, if the initial cost is "too much" with your financial ability, you will be supported to buy 0% installment via credit card and enjoy dedicated services from Ru9 such as free shipping, 5-year warranty and 100-night trial.

Investments in health are always smart investments. Investing in buying a good mattress for full sleep and a healthy life will definitely be a reasonable and necessary investment for you and your family.