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5 Types of High Quality Hugging Pillows on the Market

5 Types of High Quality Hugging Pillows on the Market

If you always feel pain every time you wake up, a pillow to hug will be the ideal “savior” for you. But in order for this type of pillow to fully support sleep, you need to choose the right pillow to suit your sleeping habits best. Let's find out with Ru9 about 5 types of high-quality hug pillows that will give you a good night's sleep!

1. Great benefits of using a pillow while sleeping

Enhance sleep quality

The first plus point of a pillow is to create a sense of security, helping you to have a more complete sleep. Hugging your pillow helps your mind stop "running around" and you'll feel more relaxed as your whole body relaxes. Besides, hugging a pillow will keep you in a correct sleeping position for 8 hours, especially when lying on your side. You will limit the situation of limbs being compressed, numb during sleep.

Improve Health

beautiful pillowcase animal-shaped pillow for adults teddy bear pillow
Using a pillow to hug gives you countless health benefits

Thanks to its ability to support sleep, using this pillow also brings you countless health benefits. It helps blood circulate more easily, so that conditions such as cramps, joint pain will be significantly reduced. Besides, the immune system is also significantly improved, thanks to a protein (cytokines) that the body produces during sleep.

Reduce pain for pregnant women

This pillow is especially suitable for pregnant women thanks to its maximum comfort. Thanks to this type of pillow support, blood is circulated better, preventing leg swelling and cramps in pregnant women. Using high-quality pillows to support the body also minimizes heartburn and reflux - a symptom that occurs when the fetus grows and puts pressure on other organs.

2. Top 5 types of high-quality hugging pillows for a good night's sleep

human-shaped pillow soft hug pillow cute hug pillow

You need to choose the right pillow to hug for maximum sleep support

Feather pillows

This is a pillow stuffed with feathers of waterfowl such as swans, geese, ducks. Feathers have the advantage of being small, smooth, light, waterproof, and non-hygroscopic, so they both retain heat well and are breathable. Pillows with feathers can be used in both winter and summer. However, because they are made from waterfowl feathers, high-quality feather pillows are often expensive.

Low pillow insert

There are 3 types of latex pillows: natural rubber, young rubber and synthetic rubber. In particular, the natural latex pillow core is made from natural latex, so it is safe, has high elasticity and can be decomposed when it expires.

The young latex pillow is made from pure rubber, so it has high flexibility and smoothness, and is resistant to moisture and odors effectively. Compared with natural rubber, the pillow core made from young rubber has higher durability.

The neoprene pillow core has all the features of the above two types, but because the process of some manufacturers is not up to standard, the benefits of the pillow core type are not correct. This with sleep is still an open question.

everon pillow hug pillow inter hearted pillow everon hug pillow everon hug pillow

Premium pillow with quality pillow core will help you sleep deeper

Microfiber pillowcase

This is a pillow core made from microfiber cotton - an extremely smooth and soft fiber, bringing maximum comfort to the user. Microfiber has the advantage of being soft and light, helping you to feel the relaxation as soon as you hug it. In addition, pillows using this enteric material are also easy to wash and quick to dry, making it more convenient for you to store and care for your pillow.

Vacuum polyester pillowcase

This type of gut is made of refined polyester cotton fibers. Thanks to that, these cotton fibers are completely free of germs, dirt or impurities. Polyester pillow core is insulated to form a solid block, so pillows with this type of intestine will have a certain hardness instead of elasticity like other types of intestine.

Memory foam pillowcase

Recognized as an excellent material for the mattress industry, memory foam brings many miraculous effects to the health of users:

  • Soft, smooth: Memory foam possesses outstanding advantages in terms of elasticity. Therefore, the pillow using memory foam is very soft and smooth, bringing an extremely comfortable and pleasant feeling, helping users quickly fall asleep.
  • Excellent slow-elastic feature: Memory foam has the ability to slow-elastic (that is, when you put your hand on the surface, after letting go, it will keep the fingerprint of your hand for a certain time. , less than 10 seconds) with outstanding body temperature response. This material will slowly hug to the user's curve, helping the body get maximum contact, supporting the spine, supporting the body during sleep, and preventing harm caused by lying in the wrong position. out.
  • Reduces pressure on the body's compression points: Memory foam has the effect of reducing pressure in the compression areas, helping the body not to feel pain when lying down. At the same time, this material also helps blood circulation better, giving the user an absolute good night's sleep.

Inheriting the outstanding advantages of memory foam material, combined with details such as cover, size, ... are meticulously researched to best suit Vietnamese people, Hug Pillow Ru9 will be the product you should choose.

The product is a combination of memory foam small flexible and high quality natural cotton, bringing together naturalness in each pose and outstanding support. Thanks to the combination of foam, this long pillow is capable of giving users the feeling of being fully embraced. This is something that few other products can do. In addition, the Ru9 hug pillow is covered with a soft Tencel shell that is cool and effective at absorbing sweat.

A full and deep sleep is extremely necessary for anyone, at any age - from children to the elderly. Hugging a pillow will help you get a full night's sleep, bringing a host of amazing benefits for your physical and mental health. Hopefully, through this article, you have found yourself a type of pillow that is suitable for your sleeping habits. Contact Ru9 via website or Facebook < /span>Ru9 - The Sleep Company to own the Ru9 hug pillow and take care of your sleep today.

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