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3 Steps to Effectively Clean Niu Pillowcase

3 Steps to Effectively Clean Niu Pillowcase
When was the last time you cleaned your pillow? The longer you leave it on, the more dirt and bacteria can enter your sleep. Follow Ru9's ultimate tips for cleaning any pillow, including the Niu pillow!

Many studies have shown that our pillows contain a large amount of bacteria in the form of dead skin cells, body oils... In fact, the The cleanliness of a brand new pillow only lasts a few weeks. The accumulation of bacteria then rapidly increases, causing potential respiratory and skin-related problems. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your pillowcase at least once every 1-2 weeks. The question is how to clean pillows without damaging them. Follow the steps below with Ru9!

A few notes to keep in mind before cleaning Niu pillowcase

Avoid detergent

Because of the characteristics of the detergent, it is easy to corrode the fabric, causing the pillowcase to fade quickly. At the same time, improper cleaning will leave an unpleasant bleach smell.

Avoid exposing pillowcases to direct sunlight

Like detergents, direct sunlight can make pillowcases discolored and unsightly.

Wear a pillowcase over it for added durability

The outer pillowcase is like a protective layer, limiting the penetration of dirt and bacteria as well as the impact on the inner foam layer.

Do not wash the inner foam

To avoid damage and loss of elasticity due to machine washing or hand force, and the material Graphene Memory Foam of the Niu pillow is also antibacterial, so you don't need to wash the foam.

For more details on cleaning tips for Niu pillows, you can refer to the following video:

3 Simple and Effective Steps to Clean New Pillowcases

Here are 4 steps to clean Niu pillow without affecting the foam inside. Helps you always keep your Niu pillow clean and soft for a long time.

Step 1: Clean the New Pillowcase

Rinse the tub/sink thoroughly before filling it with warm water and adding a lid (or 2 tablespoons) of liquid laundry detergent to it. Use your hands or a machine to create foam before placing the pillowcase inside.

The temperature of the water must be 40-45 degrees Celsius for safe and effective cleaning. This warm water temperature kills dust mites without the need for bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Use gentle machine wash or hand rub to clean Niu pillows

Use gentle machine wash or hand rub to clean Niu pillows

Step 2: Dry the New Pillowcase

Niu pillowcases need to be exposed to gentle sunlight to kill bacteria, avoid mold and odors.

Step 3: Clean the dust from the Niu pillowcase

Not only affects sleep quality, the Graphene Memory Foam material of the Niu pillow is antibacterial, so there is no need to wash it with water. But if you're not sure about the dust from the pillowcase, you can get most of the dirt off by patting the pillow with just enough force to release it from the surface. This helps to effectively clean Niu pillow intestines without worrying about excess residue.

To maintain durability, you should not wash the Foam layer

To maintain durability, you should not wash the foam layer - pillow inner Niu < /em>

With just the above 3 cleaning steps, you will be more secure with the pillow in your bedroom. Remember that after cleaning everything, you must protect the inside of Niu's pillow by using a pillowcase!

Wishing you a pleasant and worry-free good night. And don't forget to contact Ru9 via website https :// or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to learn more about products that care for your sleep.

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