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4 tips to choose a pillow for adults to get a good night's sleep

Gối ôm dài là một trong những vật dụng thân thuộc trong phòng ngủ. Cùng Ru9 khám phá bí quyết chọn loại sản phẩm này để có trải nghiệm giấc ngủ tốt nhất.
4 tips to choose a pillow for adults to get a good night's sleep

Pillow pillow is one of the essential items that bring a good night's sleep to many people. However, not everyone can choose a comfortable pillow and help them get the most relaxing moments.

Through the article below, let's explore with Ru9 the best thing that makes a pillow long pillow perfect for you!

Choose the wrong Long Hug Pillow - Harmful Benefits?

For bedroom furniture, people often focus on carefully considering items such as blankets, mattresses or headrests that often ignore the importance. of the pillow.

Why does this happen? Adult long pillows are often seen by manufacturers as an add-on or supplement to bedding sets, although this is an important product in a user's journey to find a good night's sleep.

Follow the health blog by, you may have the following problems if inappropriate use of pillows.

Sore neck and shoulders after waking up

User pillowcase usually has a side-lying position, more prone than lying flat. Therefore, they are easily entangled in harmful postures that make their backs crooked, significantly affecting sleep and daily activities. Users should pay special attention to choosing an adult pillow with a suitable design to help naturalize their sleeping position or be able to change it according to their sleeping position.

Besides, a hug pillow too high or low will affect your sleeping position unstable. Not only causing discomfort during sleep, but the inappropriate height of an adult pillow can also cause neck - shoulder - back pain when you lean on it for too long.

baby pillow

People lying on their side or stomach, if they use an inappropriate pillow, are easy to bend their spine or hurt. shoulder when waking up.

Cheap material causes allergies, contact dermatitis or skin itching

On the market today, there are many products hugging pillow poor quality. Because of the concept that hugging pillows are not so important, consumers carefreely choose a certain pillow without much consideration. These pillows are often made from cheap materials and can cause unpredictable consequences for the skin - where it is directly touched every night such as allergies, dermatitis, ...

If after a short time of use, you find that your long pillow is no longer available. Round and full, the cotton inside can be lumpy and unstable to the touch: it can be concluded with certainty that the pillow you purchased is of poor quality.

So how can you choose a comfortable and healthy pillow? Check out the tips below!

The secret to choosing the best and most suitable Adult Pillow for Health

To choose a suitable pillow, sleep experts recommend that every smart consumer should note the following 4 main points:


Style is most important

Cushion products on the market today there are many designs for your comfort. roof to choose according to preferences. However, gHug pillow has the ability to support more natural sleeping positions, so you need to choose a hug pillow. can help you to correct your sleeping position. Especially when sleeping on the side, the pillow will need to support the shoulder so that the shoulder does not fall, creating a feeling of security and warmth for the abdomen.

For shape, you might consider Ru9 pillow unique design with curves at the belly includes a straight pillow that can be applied on the stomach or footrest and a soft horizontal section and suitable for resting your head and shoulders without tipping over. At the same time, this hug pillow is flexibly compatible with all different sleeping positions.

For shape, you might consider the Ru9 hug pillow with a special design that covers the abdomen, helping to support and keep this important part warm. . Not only that, ru9 pillow also helps to change flexibly according to the posture of the person. use, giving you the most comfortable sleep every night.

Soft, natural and safe material

large size pillow

Foam pillow and natural cotton will provide the most natural support.

You should choose Ru9 hug pillow with a combination between memory foam small flexible and premium natural cotton for freedom natural in each position and outstanding support ability. Thanks to the combination of foam, long hug pillow< /a> for adults has the ability to give the user the feeling of being fully embraced. That's something few other products can do.

In addition, with the outer material, the Ru9 hug pillow is covered with a soft Tencel shell, which is cool and effective at absorbing sweat.

Size to fit the body

Lots of throw pillows are mass-produced without any user research. They do not fit the body, making you feel short and uncomfortable when using. In which, the most popular are short sizes such as 60x80cm and 80x100cm.

After a long research process, Ru9 hug pillow is manufactured with a length of 115cm, compatible with the length of the human body. Shorter pillows often cause the body to contract, easily cause back pain, and cause discomfort from constantly changing positions because there is no suitable place to hold.

Trust reputable and quality brands

To choose a suitable pillow, you can completely trust reputable brands in the field of sleep, such as Ru9. Reputation, quality and appropriate service will bring you better experiences than floating products on the market. Also, with quality guaranteed with multiple certificates like , you It is completely safe to use without worrying as before.

Through the above article, I hope you know how to choose a quality pillow and help have better sleep. To inquire about Ru9 hug pillows, you can contact Ru9 immediately via hotline 1900 63 63 21 or Facebook
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