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Top 3 criteria to consider when choosing to buy bedding

The choice of blankets and pillows makes many people wonder which product to choose. Here are the top criteria when choosing to buy bedding.
Top 3 criteria to consider when choosing to buy bedding

Using poor quality bedding while sleeping is not only an inconvenience but also affects health in the long run. user health. So what is the solution to this problem? Take a look at the criteria below to choose the ideal bedding product for your sleep.

1. Bedding material - factors to pay attention to

Bedding material cushion makes for a good night's sleep. Understanding this, large enterprises in the bedding industry have "raced" in technological innovation to improve the quality of their products.

Currently, on the market, there are spring mattresses, pressed cotton mattresses, rubber mattresses... or the latest foam mattresses. Despite the "late birth", foam material still dominates the market thanks to its ability to optimally support the body. And up to now, Ru9 is considered a successful brand in applying form materials to its products.

With foam cushions, Ru9 designed them in a layered structure. First, the solid bottom foam layer is made of PU Foam material. This material has the ability to insulate movement, ensuring your sleep is always quiet, not disturbed when you turn over. Next is the class Memory Foam with integrated cold gel, helping to disperse pressure from the body and regulate temperature degree. On top is a layer of Ru9 Contour Foam that provides optimal spine support with absolute comfort.

nem memory foam

Memory foam is the ideal material in the production of bedding

In addition to cushions, based on Foam material, Ru9 also launched Niu pillows. Specifically, the class pillowcase Niu is made from Ru9's exclusive advanced graphene foam. With the feature of supporting the neck according to its natural curvature, the graphene memory foam Niu pillow will help you sleep comfortably all night long. Besides, this is also known as the most effective heat dissipation material today. And graphene memory foam is applied in the Niu pillow to dissipate the heat generated by the friction between the head and the pillow as soon as you lie down.

2. The size of the bedding must match the needs

When choosing bedding, you need to pay attention to choose the size to suit your needs. If you choose a mattress that is too small for three or four people to lie down, it will create a feeling of cramped and uncomfortable sleep for family members. For example, you can choose from Single mattress for small children, Full mattress when sleeping alone, Queen mattress for couples and King mattress for parents plus children…

Currently, products Foam mattress of Ru9 currently has 4 different sizes to help you easily choose products suitable for use. It is King mattress with a width of 1.8 meters, Queen mattress 1.6 meters, Full mattress 1.4 meters and Single mattress 1.2 meters.

Note to choose the size of bedding that matches the room
Note to choose the right mattress size for the room

As for pillows, you also need to choose the right size pillow. Sleeping pillow that is too big or small creates a bad posture when lying down sleep. The current standard pillow size is 40cm x 60cm x 12cm. One of the quality pillows that meets this size today is Ru9's Niu pillow.

To choose a quality mattress, it is best to contact the supplier directly for size advice. mattress to suit your needs.

3. Choose bedding from reputable brands in the market

For long-lasting items, choosing quality products is very important. To be assured of quality, you should choose bedding pillow cushions of these reputable brand. It can be well-known brands or highly appreciated by consumers. In particular, this brand often has a guarantee of quality standards such as certification or long-term warranty.

Ru9 is confident to be a reputable bedding brand in terms of quality
Ru9 is confident to be a reputable bedding brand in terms of quality

If wondering about a brand, reputable bedding store, you can completely trust Ru9. As a company specializing in sleep, Ru9 is confident to bring you the best products with top quality service. More specifically, Ru9's products are all certified for safety for consumers' health. Moreover, to commit to product quality, Ru9 will provide a 10-year warranty for the foam mattress and 1 for 1 exchange within 2 years for the Niu pillow.

With the above criteria, we hope that you will choose the best quality bedding products. One of the most perfect choices for you to take care of your sleep for yourself and your family is the Niu pillow and Foam mattress from Ru9. Please contact Ru9 to notice the difference in quality that our products bring. okay!