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3 What Are Foam's Best Sleep Regulatory Technologies?

3 What Are Foam's Best Sleep Regulatory Technologies?

If you've heard of what foam is, you can wonder if foam really improves sleep quality. Exactly how foam is applied to sleep, let's find out Ru9!

Foam is defined as an ultra-lightweight material made of lots of air bubbles in different liquid or solid states. Foam mattresses have at least one layer of comfort made of upper air bubbles. Thankfully, the popularity of this type of mattress sleep in recent years has led to many advances in the technology. foam technology. If you are looking for a high-quality all-foam mattress, look out for these 3 types of foam mattress applications for a better night's sleep.

1. Open Cell foam technology

Open cell is active foam technology with an open cell structure that allows better air movement inside the mattress. This foam is composed of billions of balloon-like cells with microscopic air passages inside and around. Allows air to escape under pressure, helping heat escape from the body better while sleeping.

When you lie down, the air escaping from the cells is compressed and spreads to the adjacent cells. Foam "melts" under your body to provide comfort and long-lasting support to the bones.

Open cell foam technology is "opened" for better airflow

The open cell foam technology is "opened" for better airflow

Because during sleep, we often retain body heat, making it difficult to fall asleep and wake up sweating. One of the most reasonable solutions is open cell technology, the cells in the foam are "opened" for better air circulation. Almost all foam applications used in mattresses feature vent technology, as many consider this the absolute bare minimum for comfortable sleep.

2. Gel foam technology

When producing gel-activated foams, manufacturers will infuse cooling gels or gel beads. Millions of tiny liquid gel particles are infused into the upper layer of the mattress.

The gel foam feels cooler to the touch, overcoming the disadvantages of traditional foam mattresses. Because the cooling gel helps dissipate heat, allowing you to sleep cool while retaining the foam's original body-conforming and pressure-reducing features.

Also, the gel foam quickly returns to its normal shape after the pressure is removed. This means faster body shaping, if you move around a lot during your sleep. This factor makes the gel foam mattress more comfortable and reduces the "hard" feeling like a regular foam mattress.

3. Memory foam technology

Memory foam is made by treating polyurethane foam with an active ingredient to increase the density and elasticity of the foam. Memory foam has 3 most prominent features for a sleeping mattress.

First, memory foam supports the body, reducing pressure when lying down. Simply put, memory foam conforms to your body shape, hugs curves, and makes you feel like you're sleeping on a soft cloud. Then, when you sit up, the foam mattress will return to its normal state as if you were not lying down.

Good elastic foam mattress helps support the body, reducing pressure when pressed

Good elastic foam mattress helps support the body, reducing pressure when pressed

Second, combined with breathable opening particles that allow air to flow. In addition, the cold gel particles in the memory foam are also activated when in contact with body heat, providing a cool sleep.

Third, a quality mattress can last about eight to ten years. Because higher density foam can return to its original shape, these mattresses tend to last longer.

Special advantages of Ru9 memory foam technology

Ru9 mattress applies memory foam technology in its design from the inside out to give users the most comfortable sleep.

  • Premium mattress cover made of quality spandex fabric: in addition to its extremely good elasticity, it also has the effect of breathable, good absorption, does not retain heat when in contact with the body.
Spandex absorbent foam mattress cover

Breathable spandex foam mattress cover< /i>

  • Fireproof cotton layer: slows down the burning process, protects the inner foam layers to make the mattress more durable and safer.
  • Ru9 Contour Foam: has the effect of embracing the natural curves of the body in different lying positions, providing optimal spine support and providing absolute comfort. This makes memory foam Ru9 the ideal surface for any sleeping position. Side sleepers are supported at the hips and shoulders; reclining sleepers get lumbar support...
Ru9 foam mattress hugs the natural curves of the body in different lying positions

Ru9 foam mattress hugs the natural curves of the body at

different lying positions

  • Memory Foam with integrated cold gel: has the function of dispersing the pressure of the body, helping the body to relax completely during sleep and regulating the temperature of the mattress to keep it cool.
  • PU Foam Bottom: at the solid bottom, effectively isolates movement to help you sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Through the article, hopefully you have an answer for what is foam mattress application. At the same time, better understand why Ru9 foam mattress has such a high customer satisfaction rate. Come now showroom Ru9 to own now the best sleep care products in Vietnam!