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Small tips on how to effectively overcome back pain when waking up

Small tips on how to effectively overcome back pain when waking up

Wake up with back pain or aching, neck and shoulder fatigue are very common conditions. The cause not only comes from lying position, but also depends on other factors such as the quality and relevance of the mattress sleep and pillow. Here are some solutions to overcome the situation of waking up with back pain to help you sleep more fully for your reference.

Adjust your sleeping position

One ​​of the main causes of waking up with back pain is lying in the wrong position. However, not everyone understands this. Most users are still quite indifferent to how to sleep appropriately. Usually people will lie in positions that they find most comfortable. Sometimes this creates the wrong sleeping position.

Sleeping the right way to sleep well every day

So the first thing you need to pay attention to is correcting your lying position. You can choose to lie on your back or lie on your side flexibly. However, you need to be careful not to lie on your arms that can cause pain or lie in a twisted position. This way of lying easily causes the spine to deviate, leading to back pain. The neck also needs to be supported at a reasonable height for the most complete sleep.

Take a hot bath before going to sleep

A hot shower every night is also an optimal solution to improve sleep quality. The warm water helps to cleanse the body and bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort, supporting blood circulation. Thereby, you can easily fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, minimizing insomnia.

Not only that, taking a hot bath also helps reduce stress, making you more comfortable. Nightly sleep will be complete and best quality when you no longer have thoughts, worries or stress,... Therefore risks of fatigue , waking up with back pain or other problems after sleeping were also significantly reduced.

Hot bath helps relax, limit insomnia
Hot baths help relax, reduce stress, limit insomnia< /span>

Choose the right mattress

For a full night's sleep, using a suitable mattress is one of the optimal solutions. A thick mattress will provide good body support and will maintain a good lying position. be straight, prevent diseases of the spine. Moreover, a good mattress also brings a soft and smooth feeling to effectively reduce pain and fatigue. Understanding that, Ru9 has successfully researched and produced a high-quality and safe foam mattress for health.

The advantage of a foam mattress is its smoothness and good elasticity. Foam structure is open, can change the structure flexibly. Therefore, the parts will be fully supported according to the curves of the body, keeping the spine straight. In particular, Ru9 foam mattress also has the ability to disperse pressure well. The memory foam layer in the mattress helps horizontal force, limiting the impact of forces on the shoulder or hip area. The problems of waking up with back pain or aches are thus almost completely eliminated.

Ru9 Mattress - Full body curve support, spine protection
Ru9 mattress - fully supports the curve of the body, protects the spine

Not only that, Ru9 mattress also owns many other advantages such as good air conditioning, ventilation like the one air conditioner mattress . The product has this advantage thanks to the active foam layer with integrated cold gel. Besides, the mattress cover is made of breathable material, which can be removed and cleaned regularly. Especially, Ru9 foam mattress is also the first Vietnamese mattress product certified by CertiPUR-US to be safe for users' health.

You can say goodbye to waking up with back pain or fatigue after waking up with the tips that Ru9 has shared as well as the line High quality and high quality foam mattress of Ru9. Contact Ru9 immediately for advice and order buy mattress as quickly as possible.