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The 2 most important reason to consider when choosing to buy a new mattress

Instead of choosing a mattress according to famous brands or just paying attention to price, pay special attention to 2 factors: mattress thickness and product material. These 2 factors will greatly affect your health and the durability of the product.
The 2 most important reason to consider when choosing to buy a new mattress

Instead of choosing a mattress according to famous brands or just paying attention to price, pay special attention to 2 factors: thickness of mattress and product material. These 2 factors will greatly affect your health and the durability of the product.

When buying mattress, common thinking The variable of Vietnamese consumers is: famous brands default to good products. But not always, the most expensive product is not necessarily the best, the most famous brand does not necessarily have the best quality products. Just like when buying cosmetics you need to read and understand the chemical ingredients,buy mattress also requires certain knowledge for you to choose the most appropriate product. In which, 2 factors cannot be ignored: the thickness of the mattress and the product material.

The thickness of the mattress greatly affects the quality of sleep

Each mattress line has different parameters of size, thickness, and function. Choosing a mattress that is too thin will not have enough support, causing you to face pain and deformation of the spine, which will have a great impact on both physical and mental health in the long run. Choosing a thick mattress, while healthy, can sometimes be unnecessarily expensive. However, whether thick or thin, a good mattress needs to give the user a comfortable sleep. So, how thick is the mattress?

  • Choose thick clothes by weight:
  • Currently, mattress brands have different thicknesses such as: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 17cm and 20cm. According to research from the organization Sleep Advisor, you can based on your weight to determine the appropriate thickness, specifically as follows:

    - Weight from over 90kg should choose a mattress thickness of about 18 or 20cm;

    - Weight from over 75kg should choose a mattress with a thickness of 15cm or more;

    - Weighing from about 50kg should choose a mattress with a thickness of 10cm or more;

    - Weight under 45kg can choose mattress from 5cm, 7cm or more.

  • Select thickness by age:
  • In addition to weight, consumer age also affects mattress thickness decisions. Specifically:

    - A thickness of about 5cm will be suitable for small children and infants. Usually, parents will choose this extra mattress to lay on the floor directly, avoiding the situation that the child falls or falls from the high bed.

    - The thickness of 10 to 15cm is assessed to be suitable for most objects from children to adults. In addition, the thickness of 10cm is suitable for most bed frames in Vietnam.

    - The thickness of 18cm or more will be suitable for elderly people only. With a fairly large thickness, the thick mattress lines will have a better lift, ensuring the impact of pressure on the body, suitable for the aging and vulnerable bones and joints of the elderly.

    So, based on your weight, age, and health status, you can easily choose the mattress with the most ideal thickness. Buying the right mattress will help you ensure quality sleep and long-term health, while also avoiding unnecessary spending.

    Each mattress material has its own advantages, disadvantages and life cycle

    Currently, there are many popular mattress materials on the market such as: pressed cotton mattress, spring mattress, rubber mattress, foam mattress… Each type materials will correspond to different prices, different characteristics and different product life cycles.

    • Cushion padding

    This type of mattress is quite popular with Vietnamese consumers with a relatively low price compared to other materials. This is a thick mattress, made of pressed cotton mattress that is produced by pressing the cotton fibers tightly, forming a mattress with a dense and solid texture, so it has the least support of all types of mattresses. With this material, the product's lifespan is only 4-5 years before the mattress is degraded, in addition, this life cycle will be significantly reduced if you accidentally let the mattress get wet.

    • Cushion spring

    Spring mattress is also an option chosen by many families. This type of mattress has the main structure from a system of sturdy anti-rust spring frames, with high bearing capacity. However, the spring material often puts pressure on the outer body, so although you may feel quite comfortable at first, this type of mattress can actually cause pain with long-term use. This type of mattress has a longer life cycle than pressed cotton, with an average of about 8 years.

  • Low mattress
  • <3 use. There are two main types: natural latex mattresses and artificial latex mattresses. In general, this material has good support, does not cause pain, does not damage the spine even with long time of use. However, this material has a closed structure, so it can create a feeling of mystery, causing heat when sleeping all night long.

  • Foam mattress
  • Specifically, memory foam also known as young latex mattress, or memory foam: is a mattress developed from polyurethane, a form of man-made compound. . This is an invention of NASA scientists since 1966, the original purpose is to reduce the pressure in space to protect the health of astronauts.

    This material is currently being appreciated for its good elasticity like a latex mattress and affordable price for many families. At the same time, the unique ability to deodorize helps the mattress to avoid mold as well as prevent harmful bacteria. In terms of durability, this material reaches a durability of 12 to 15 years, only inferior to rubber material.

    Ru9 mattress – the optimal choice in both thickness and quality

    In terms of thickness, Ru9 mattress is a multi-layer foam mattress with active foam up to 25cm thick, one of the thickest mattresses on the market today. Specifically, the mattress is structured in 3 layers as follows:

    • Contour foam layer: This layer has a structure of open particles that create both smoothness and medium ensure ventilation. It not only creates comfort, but also has the ability to support the soft points of the body, thereby increasing the comfort and quality of sleep that no other material can. In addition, this foam layer always retains maximum elasticity and does not sink after a period of use.
    • Memory foam layer: this layer is made of gel memory foam – active foam. With this foam layer, the pressure of the body will be evenly distributed horizontally when lying down. So you will feel the ultimate smoothness and comfort for a deep sleep. In addition, the cold gel particles contained in the foam also regulate the temperature and help you stay comfortable when lying on.
    • Base foam bottom layer: This bottom layer is made from high density PU foam. Thanks to the right thickness, this foam layer helps the mattress to be firm and durable, ensuring a good night's sleep. At the same time, this layer also helps to ensure optimal elasticity of the mattress.

    With a sturdy 3-storey structure, all worries about health, bones, or tightness when using the mattress all night long, will be relieved. Moreover, to commit to product quality, Ru9 will provide 10 years warranty for foam mattress and 1 to 1 exchange within 2 years with New pillow.