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12 types of pillows - which one is excellent for you?

12 types of pillows - which one is excellent for you?

Pillow sleeping is one of the indispensable items in today's life, it is considered as is a "companion" to help bring us a better night's sleep. Therefore, choosing a good sleep pillow is a very important issue and is concerned by many consumers.

So which type of pillow is the best sleeping pillow today? Based on what criteria do we evaluate the quality of a good sleeping pillow? Let's find out in the article below!

Advantages and disadvantages of today's popular sleeping pillows

1. Sedge pillow

This pillow is very safe and friendly to human health because they are made entirely from natural sedge material. This product has a breathable design, so when used, it can limit the heat and sweat. In particular, this pillow line is very suitable for use for babies. However, this product is very susceptible to mold, so it must be cleaned regularly.

2. Herbal sleeping pillow

In the intestines of this type of pillow, it is used in combination with natural herbs such as: passion fruit, buckwheat seeds, lavender, green bean pods, etc. Therefore, this product line is very safe and beneficial for health. In particular, it has the ability to support, care and treat diseases such as insomnia very well. However, because there are many fragrances inside, it is also easy to cause side effects such as rashes or itching.

3. Water pillow

This product is internally inflated with water, which effectively keeps cool. However, because the product lacks elasticity, when using it, you should not lie down for too long. In particular, this type of pillow does not have ventilation, so you will easily get itchy and rash.

4. Cotton pillow

Surely this is a popular product in many families, isn't it? The product is mainly made of cotton, so the absorbency is relatively good.

Cotton pillows are quite popular but do not provide support

However, after a period of use, the cotton inside will be yellowed and clumpy. Therefore, if you use this type of pillow, you must change the inner part regularly.

5. Natural latex pillow

The product is made from the main material rubber is natural, so it is very safe for the health of the user. At the same time, it also helps to support the shoulder and neck area quite well because of its relatively stable elasticity.

Natural latex pillow with high price

However, because rubber is a rare material, this pillow line has a relatively high price tag.

6. Feather pillow

Sleeping pillow products are made from feathers of poultry such as ducks, geese, geese, etc. Before being used as pillow cores, this feather is cleaned and deodorized. Because it is made from feathers, the product has a very good softness, which is also a drawback because when lying down, your head will sink deeply into the sleeping pillow. However, the feather pillow quickly collapses in night. At the same time, sometimes feather materials can also cause allergies.

7. Inflatable pillow

This pillow comes in many different sizes and shapes. The product is light, with relatively thick material. However, because it is an inflatable pillow, you must keep it away from sharp objects and places with high temperatures because it will be easily deformed. Especially, if you use this product for a long time, the neck will be very sore.

8. Foam sleeping pillow

This is a pillow with many different designs and colors, very fancy. However, this type of pillow has a very low lifespan, because the foam particles inside will quickly collapse and clump together.

9. Animal pillow

This is a pillow with high convenience, low price, so you can buy it anywhere. However, “you get what you pay for” – this product is very easy to make your skin allergic and itchy. Moreover, after a period of use, the inner part of the pillow will sink, so it is not possible to support your neck and shoulders well.

10. U-shaped pillow

This sleeping pillow is made from various recycled materials such as foam, pressed cotton... They are mostly used for travel and walking. far. However, U-shaped pillows are not effective for long-term use.

11. Massage pillow

This is a very popular pillow line today. The highlight of this pillow is the type of pillow that is used for massage such as: multi-function massage pillow, infrared massage pillow, shoulder massage pillow, ... and many other types of massage pillows. However, if you buy the wrong product, it will be very dangerous, possibly causing the user to be shocked or burned.

12. Pillow foam

This pillow is made of high-performance foam as the main material, so it has extremely good elasticity. Therefore, it gives users a feeling of comfort, relaxation and a good sleep. In particular, pillowcases are often designed with high-quality materials to keep the pillow cool and durable.

Foam pillows are the most popular product today

Criteria for evaluating a healthy sleeping pillow

There are many types on the market today sleeping pillow is made of different materials, have different sizes and designs. Therefore, it will be difficult for consumers because they do not know which is really the best sleeping pillow for health.

A healthy sleeping pillow must meet at least the following 3 criteria:

  1. Material structure and design of the pillow must ensure the ability to support the head, neck and shoulders during sleep . Helps you wake up pain-free.

  2. Sleeping pillow must ensure coolness during the long night due to the head and neck and the two hottest parts of the body because these are the where the most nerves are concentrated.

  3. Sleeping pillow must be absolutely safe with user's health and high durability.

What kind of healthy sleeping pillow is it?

A quality sleeping pillow not only helps give you a better sleep, but it also aids in the treatment of diseases related to bones and joints and spine. Therefore, choosing a good and quality sleeping pillow is very important. And sleeping pillow New Graphene Memory Foam will be the perfect choice for you right now.

Niu Graphene Memory Foam Pillow with top optimization material

Ru9's Niu Graphene Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow is researched and designed based on the sleeping habits of Vietnamese people. With the application of the most advanced foam technology in the world, Niu Graphene Foam pillows bring outstanding features:

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  2. Absolutely cool during sleep: In addition to flexibility, graphene is known for its outstanding heat dissipation performance. Currently. By using graphene memory foam technology, heat is at the tip of your head when it comes into contact with pillow lying down will be dispersed as soon as you lie down. This would be perfect for hot summer days.

  3. Tencel fabric is cool and safe for users' health: Through a process of testing according to measurement standards According to the strict and strict standards of OEKO-TEX®, the Tencel material of the Ru9 memory foam pillowcase is certified by STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® as safe for users' health. At the same time, this is also an absolutely cool material to ensure the ventilation of the whole pillow.

Where to buy New Graphene Memory Foam pillow?

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Ru9 foam pillow helps you sleep well

Here are 12 types of sleeping pillows on the market today and Ru9 has analyzed each of the pros and cons of each to help you figure out which one is really good for you. friend. Hope you can choose for yourself the most suitable sleeping pillow product to take care of your sleep!