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When you’ve tried all methods but you still can’t improve your sleep quality, it’s time to reconsider the design of your bedroom. Let’s explore some suggestions from Ru9!

Have you well organized your bedroom?

If the dirty clothes are still in the corner of the room, and cups are still messing up on the table, then the answer is NO!

The clutter may affect your mind more than you think. Chaos almost always doesn’t give you positive emotions. A study carried out by St. Lawrence University pointed out that those who like to store many items in the bedroom might suffer from lower sleep quality than those who own a minimalistic bedroom.

How minimalist can improve your sleep quality?

Minimalism is an artistic movement that appeared in the early 1960s, aiming at simplifying everything including but not limited to design, shape, and decoration. The foundation of minimalism is about the function of everything. Each item in your bedroom must have a purpose.

A minimalist’s décor is not only aesthetically appealing, but it also has a lot of positive effects on psychology. If you are too busy in daily life, the bedroom should be a place where both your body and mind can relax.

We can start with white, gray, and blue tones that can create a cool, natural atmosphere, which aids mental relaxation.

Also, minimalism requires you to “let go” of things that are “burdening” space, as if you were “cleaning up” the psychological pressure. The room is clean and sleep will come quickly and easily.

Do you have any ideas for your minimalistic room?

If this is the time you start rearranging your room, then the suggestions below will be perfect for you: 

  • Reuse – Donate – Sell and Throw away. 

Here are four keywords to begin the journey of “escape from messy” in your room.

  • A simple bed

In the bedroom, the bed is the focal point. A messy bed will go against the minimalist’s style. Choose a simple and suitable bed. At that time, the accompanying mattress should also be designed to be minimalist and most convenient for all activities. Refer to Ru9 memory foam mattress as a suggestion for you!

  • Use natural light

Bright natural light will make the room look more spacious and airy. If you’re not afraid of compromising on your privacy, remove the curtains to get more natural light in.

  • Plant more trees in the room

Avoid trees that are often deciduous, but instead have trees that are large, bold and have an air-purifying effect. Some of the top choices are the betel nut tree, tiger tree, and needle tree.

  • Use furniture with drawers and shelves

The shelves and drawers not only give you plenty of space to store your belongings but also save your room space.

Minimalism not only stands out by being neat and simple but also giving you a comfortable space to help you sleep better. If you still feel uncomfortable with your cramped room, then let’s start decluttering now!

Goodnight! 😀

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