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356 days to find good sleep - With Lynette Hutting

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Does mattress size affect your sleep?

You may not have awarded it, but according to the Sleep Council, the size of the mattress you sleep on can significantly affect the quality of sleep, which has been overlooked many times.

Sleep Well Despite Night Sweat

Perspiration sweating (or night swear) is a condition when a person experiences a lot of sweat during sleep, despite not being affected by high temperatures or exercise. This uncomfortable condition causes the person to wake up in the middle of the night with soaking clothes and bed. Night sweat can occur to anyone of any age. The cause behind this condition seems to be harmless, yet it can actually be a sign of quite serious health problems. If you or your loved one is experiencing night sweats, hopefully, this blog from Ru9 will help you understand more about this condition and have a better sleep.

Top 7 Sleep Hacks For Better Rest

After a long day at the office, sleeping is time to relax your mind and restore energy most effectively, which is why you need to sleep well every night. But many factors make insomnia come to you. Note the secrets of Ru9, to improve the quality of your sleep!

How is Sleep Quantity Different than Sleep Quality?

When it comes to good sleep, most people focus on the hours they spend in bed. While it's a good standard for measuring sleep quality, but the process of your sleep is also very important. Let's explore the importance of both of these aspects with Ru9!

5 Myths about Memory Foam Mattresses

Customers usually have a lot of questions and concerns about the functionality, safety, and comfort of new mattress materials like memory foam. This article will show you 5 facts about foam mattresses in order to clarify popular concerns about this new material.

A minimalistic bedroom can help you sleep better

When you've tried all methods but you still can't improve your sleep quality, it's time to reconsider the design of your bedroom. Let’s explore some suggestions from Ru9!

Coffee, alcohol, and sleep

"I drink coffee, but I don't lose sleep at night." "Drinking alcohol is better for sleep." Currently, there are still many different views on the positive or negative effects of coffee and stimulants on sleep. Let find out their impact on sleep!

What to do when your “sleep clock” goes wrong

There are people who are in Vietnam but live on American time. Not because they are lazy or fun, but their sleep clock might be out of sync. The reason is that there is a type of disorder called Delayed sleep phase disorder (abbreviated as DSPD) that is directly affecting the lives of many people, but not everyone knows about it.

The secret behind good sleep – Memory foam

Ru9 mattress is manufactured using Ru9 contour foam - an exclusive memory foam that has been created to suit everyone regardless of shape or weight, helping to create support and minimize discomfort. Utilizing a special design of 3 different foam layers, Ru9 mattress optimizes each person's sleep to the most granular detail.

Should we skip exercising because of insomnia?

Everyone knows exercising is a must. But sometimes, you lose sleep and feel that you are not fit enough to wake up and go to practice the next morning. In such a case, what would you prioritize: still get up early to exercise as usual, or skip training and allow yourself a day's rest?

How to clean up mattress after bedwetting

If you're sleeping in the same bed with your baby or your pet, there’s always a risk of waking up to a wet mattress because of bedwetting. Don't worry, with Ru9's removable mattress cover design, here are 6 simple steps to clean your foam mattress.

How to overcome the fear of jet lag?

Everyone likes to travel, the more exotic the destinations are, the more interesting it is. However, when we travel across different time zones, we are likely to experience jet lag - sleep disturbances that caused people to feel tired, lethargic, and awake at night. For more serious cases some people have experienced anorexia and digestive disorders for many days.

How to stay up late?

There are many people who asked me how to stay up late? They cite reasons such as being too busy and excessive sleep will disrupt their work and life.

Tips to sleep well in menopause period

Menopause is a natural part of aging for women. Women going through menopause often describe the experience as a roller coaster of emotions, physical changes, and sleep issues that disrupt their daily life.  So how can you still sleep well when faced with this problem?

Sleeping postures to help you cope with chronic pain

For office workers, maintaining a sitting posture for 8 hours can cause aches and pains across joints, muscles, and back, leading to insomnia and sleep deprivation. A good sleeping posture can eliminate the pains.

Why memory foam mattresses are good for sleep?

Memory foam is still relatively new to Vietnamese people. However, this material is actually very popular in the European and American mattress industry, thanks to its effectiveness in preventing back pain and aches when sleeping.

How to let go of all pressure of a gloomy day?

There are extremely gloomy days, filled with sadness, frustration, and seemingly endless bad luck just waiting to hit you. In these times, you will need ways to relieve pressure and bring about a more positive spirit.

Important factors for sleeping during pregnancy

Pregnant women often suffer a lot of pressure on their spine, resulting in back pain that greatly affects their daily life, as well as the health of the mother and the child. These pressures lead to the fact that pregnant women often lose sleep and their bodies are usually bloated and tired. However, there are ways to help pregnant women sleep better during their pregnancy by adjusting their sleep environment and their posture as well.

Watch out for sleep apnea

A night of good sleep is a source of sustained energy for the entire day of activity. However, sleep apnea can cause one to be unable to sleep fully. Sleep apnea occurs when the airway collapses such that the airway becomes partially or completely blocked. Sleep apnea not only reduces sleep quality but also increases the risk of stroke during sleep.

Is it true that the older people sleep less?

Older people usually sleep early and wake up very early, so we often think that older people don't need much sleep and can still function well. However, studies show the opposite: older people still need to sleep as though they are in their twenties, but they often lack sleep for many reasons. Find out more about the causes and remedies to help adults in your family get better sleep!

How to re-pay sleep debt?

Lack of sleep is something no one wants. However, not everyone can maintain a fixed schedule. Most of us prioritize work over everything else, including sleep. However, if you sacrifice your sleep too much, your body will tend to lose its balance, leading to sleep debt. In other words, you "owe" your body to good sleep and proper rest.

Will cutting down on alcohol or beer make you healthier?

Tet is coming. What better way to gather friends, meet family, and enjoy some happy alcoholic drinks to usher in the new year? However, many people may tell you that drinking alcohol is bad for health. But do you know, stopping alcohol consumption doesn't really help you live much healthier!

No more sleep disruption when traveling

We usually start off an outing trip with an excited mood, but then it becomes difficult to sleep because of the "strange bed" feeling we get at night. It is a situation that many of us have encountered when traveling, and they can even ruin the trip.

Don’t let the noise make you lose sleep

Sleep has enough strength to help you relax after a long day of work, but street noises, roommates snoring or neighbors' karaoke singing doesn't allow you to have a good night's sleep. Noise can make us sleepless, worse, long-term exposure to noise can cause sleep disorders and some other health problems. If you can't stop those noises, let's take a look at the tips below to deal with the noise.

How to choose a good mattress for sleeping

There are thousands of things that can affect your sleep. Sleepwear, room temperature, noise, sleeping posture, etc. can all be reasons why you’re aching every time you wake up or have trouble sleeping every day. But do you know that the mattress you lie on every day is the main cause of prolonged aches on your body?

“Nightmare” behaviors in your sleep and how to deal with them

Snoring, grinding your teeth, talking and other sleep behaviors can be such a nightmare. If you believe that you are not having these problems, you might actually be suffering from these behaviors without your knowledge. Here are 6 common sleep problems that anyone can have in their sleep, their consequences, and remedies to deal with them.

Tips to pick your ideal pillow

Like a great mattress, a good pillow is a worthwhile investment to have quality sleep and wake up feeling energized. Here's how to choose an ideal pillow.

How to choose a suitable mattress size?

Choosing a new mattress is not just about the materials, the brands, but also the most suitable size that can give you the best sleep you deserve.

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