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Ru9 is created on the simplest things, like how you were tucked to sleep as a baby, with so much care, faith and sincerity.

Our story began with Trang having an unfortunate back injury during her training for an upcoming marathon, and struggling to find a compatible mattress to rest well at night. The high-quality imported mattresses are sold at a price unlikely reachable to most of us consumers who simply desire to sleep better. While still working full-time in our respective careers, we spent a lot of time doing research on sleep and how people in Vietnam felt about mattresses. For many months of collecting data and through questions, we learned that many Vietnamese people have misconceptions about a good mattress and still maintain their habit of sleeping on hard surfaces that lead to poor spine health.

These are very important challenges and there isn’t a complete solution in the existing offerings.

And we started Ru9 to change all that.

Our mission is to bring good sleep to as many people as possible and be customer-centric and innovative in everything that we do. While we make good sleep accessible to more people by keeping our prices fair, we’re also committed to being the best in customer service.

We have faith in a future that a good sleep will be no longer a luxury, and we all go to bed sleeping tight at night.

On behalf of all of us at Ru9, thank you for believing in us!

Trang & Vinh.


We start our design process by listening and gathering as much feedback from as many sleepers as possible. Our R&D team then use the feedback and combine with their world-class expertise on materials to put together breakthrough products that truly make a difference in our sleep. We work with the best people in the industry, using the best materials and meeting the most rigorous health & safety standards in the world.

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R&D team

Our R&D team of scientists, engineers and designers have worked on and solved many challenging problems in the sleep industry over the last 20 years, they're some of the best in their field in well-established markets such as Australia and America.

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Not only do we use the highest quality materials in our products, we also develop in our lab a variety of innovative materials to help enhance the standard sleep experience to a whole new level.

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We take the manufacuring process very seriously to ensure that our design and our commitment to quality are executed without any compromise.



We care deeply about our customers

We work hard to make great products that come with geat customer experience and utterly honest pricing.


We always do the right things

Integrity and tranparency are at the core of our operations, we never take shortcuts to get what we want.


We innovate and always learn from experiences

We believe innovation doesn't happen without experimentation, which also means that we fail a lot but we use the opportunities in failing to learn and improve as much as we can.