Comfort & Support

  • Ru9 Contour Foam

    Perfectly shaped to all body types and weight, Ru9 Contour Foam is created with a purpose to provide unparalleled support and release pressure where it needs the most.

  • Perfect Firmness

    Ru9 is designed based on extensive feedback, we believe we have found that perfect firmness that your body needs for a good rest.

  • Solid Base

    Our base layer is made out of highest quality foam giving you the ideal support for every part of your body.

Superior Cooling

  • Breathable cover

    Our mattress cover is made from breathable fabric that helps to quickly distribute the heat throughout foam layers keeping the surface cool for whole night.

  • Advance Gel-Cooling Memory Foam

    Our advanced Cooling-Gel memory foam contains gel beads that are activated with body heat to regulate better airflow.

  • Don't get trapped

    The special Ru9 foam structure keeps your body floating on the surface, wicking away your body heat normally trapped if you sink in too deeply.

Made for

All materials used in Ru9 mattress is rigorously selected with international certifications to be safe for health, even for small children.

Unbeatable Service

  • 10-year warranty

    We believe real comfort should last. So we back it up with honest and easy 10-year warranty.

  • 100-night trial

    You say you want to see-and-touch before you buy? We believe that is not how you should base your important life decision on. That’s why at Ru9 we give you 100 nights to try before you decide. Still think you are not a right match? We will pick it up and give you a full refund.

  • Free shipping & return

    Choose comfort. We will take care of the rest.

The most loved mattress.

The mattress is super comfortable, cover layer is so soft and smooth, I can sleep even without bed sheet. Ru9 staffs are very enthusiastic and helpful to answer all my questions. When the mattress is expanded, it is still very light, can lift it up easily to change bed sheet. The box packaging is excellent, my room is pretty small, stairs is very narrow, so the box made is so easy to carry and set up. Great.

Linh Nguyen – 30 years old Hanoi

After many years using latex mattresses, I decided to try another type. While deciding between spring mattress and coconut fiber mattress, I happened to know about Ru9 foam mattress. At first I was a bit skeptical, but Ru9 has 100 night trial so I decided to give it a try. Ru9 mattress supports my back very well, does not sink and also very comfortable not as hard as latex mattresses I had before. Very pleased!

Khoa Vo – 41 years old Da Nang

The level of comfort of this mattress is great! I can easily say this to be at the same level of 5-star hotel mattresses but much more affordable. Really good quality, my back is thankful!

Lorenc Hoxha – 34 years old Ho Chi Minh

Packed very neatly, so compact and convenient for moving. Ru9 mattress is soft and comfortable. Price is very reasonable for the quality and compare to other types of foam mattresses imported from overseas. Recommended.

Uyen Nguyen – 35 years old Ho Chi Minh

I used to have problem with my spine, I always need to put a pillow under the lumbar area when I sleep. Since I got Ru9 mattress, I haven’t had to use a pillow again! The mattress is very well supported, it holds my spine and make it very comfortable to sleep on.

Quynh Vu – 32 years old Hanoi

Ru9 gave me the support for my sleep that I never knew I needed! Needless to say, I haven’t been able to sleep as well as when I am home.

Austin Nguyen – 28 years old Ho Chi Minh

Mattress In A Box

  • 1Receive your Ru9 mattress at your door

  • 2Move it to the designated room

  • 3Open the box & put the mattress on the sleeping surface

  • 6Sleep tight

  • 5Let it blow in a blink of an eye

  • 4Use the cutter to cut & remove the mattress cover

View the unboxingRu9

Why Foam Mattress?

  • nem cao su

    Is it latex mattress?

    No, Ru9 is not a latex mattress. After rounds of research and testing, we found substantial drawbacks of latex. Latex mattresses have a strong core but lack of comfort, very heavy and retains heat. Latex structure is very solid reduces comfortability and traps body heat during sleep.
  • Why’s not spring mattress?

    When choosing materials for Ru9 mattress, we observe that support layer of spring mattress is limited by diameter of each coil and that leads to uneven support points of sleeping surface. In addition, spring durability is low and wear out faster than other materials.
  • What is Ru9 mattress?

    Ru9 mattress is made from 3 layers of 100% high-performance foams. With tests and researches, our team has created Ru9 foams of high-density and open-cell structure to bring ultimate support and comfort with superior air flow throughout the mattress during use. Ru9 mattress cover is also made from breathable material that is suitable for Vietnam.

Product details

  • Dimensions
    W x L x D
  • Single
    120cm x 200cm x 25cm
  • Queen
    160cm x 200cm x 25cm
  • King
    180cm x 200cm x 25cm
  • Country of Origin
    Proudly designed and made in Vietnam.
  • Materials
    Made from 100% high-performance open-cell foams.
  • Warranty
    10-year limited warranty. For more information, click here.

Crafted To Single Detail For The Dreamiest Sleep.

  • Made from breathable Spandex material, Ru9 mattress cover can also be removed for easy care with Zip360.

  • The 5cm layer of Ru9 Contour foam provides equal support to each part of your body.

  • 5cm of advanced cooling gel memory foam helps relieve pressure points and keeps your body cool.

  • A 15cm thick and durable base foam layer guarantees to give you restful sleep for 10 years.

  • Spandex Cover

    Made from breathable Spandex material, Ru9 mattress cover can also be easily removed with Zip360.

  • Ru9 Contour Foam

    The 5cm layer of Ru9 Contour foam provides equal support to each part of your body.

  • Advanced Cooling Memory Foam

    5cm of advanced cooling gel memory foam helps relieve pressure points and keeps your body cool.

  • High-Density PU Foam

    A 15cm thick and durable base foam layer guarantees to give you restful sleep for 10 years.

Sleep tight

Buy now


Your Ru9 Mattress is covered by a 10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty. Our mattresses are built to last, and we proudly stand by this unbeatable warranty as proof of our confidence in the product.

Specifically, this Warranty covers the following defects, assuming they arise or appear in circumstances in which you have been using the Product only for its intended purpose and have not subjected it to other than normal wear and proper handling:

  • A visible indentation or sag greater than 25mm in the foam material. This refers to an indentation that is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the Product. Please note that “normal wear” assumes and requires that your mattress is continuously supported by a proper foundation sufficient to support the distributed weight of your body and the mattress itself.
  • Any physical flaw in the foam material that causes it to split or crack.
  • Any manufacturing defect in the mattress cover such as the fabric tearing or stitching unraveling.

The limited warranty does not include the following:

  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains; provided, that the defect is caused by such abuse or damage.

For more information on warranty terms and condition, please see here.

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The Ru9 mattress contains three unique layers of technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam. Each layer of Ru9 mattress has been designed, tested and made here in Vietnam. We use American industry leading manufacturing technology and standard to ensure best practice in environmental sustainability and quality. See Ru9 foam international certifications here.

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The Ru9 Contour layer is made from high-performance open-cell foam. High-performance foams are superior in resilience level, density and have better resistance than normal foam thus, offering a great comfort and support levels for the body while you sleep. Open cell structure means the heat gets dissipate throughout the night and won’t leave you feel hot and wake up sweating.

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Yes, you sure can! Gone are the days of sleeping on dirty, stained mattress. With the Ru9 Mattress you can easily unzip your mattress cover and hand wash in warm soapy water. Remember to line dry and treat the cover as you would your favorite dress or shirt.

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