You may not have awarded it, but according to the Sleep Council, the size of the mattress you sleep on can significantly affect the quality of sleep, which has been overlooked many times.

Of course, many factors can affect your good night’s sleep: mattress material, room temperature, or even your mood, and so on. People tend to find far-away reasons instead of a simple answer: your mattress is not spacious enough for your comfort. Have you ever wondered if the size of the mattress you are lying on is suitable for your sleeping habits?

Ru9 foam mattres - Mattress size - Single

Ru9 Mattress Single (1m2 x 2m x 25cm)

So which mattress size is suitable?

The size of the mattress you choose should be considered based on two factors: Fit to the bedroom (because you will not want to sleep in a space that feels too cramped and stuffy, right?); And how many people will it be laid comfortably on it.

Based on these factors, the mattress you lie on should be at least 15cm longer than your height, and wider than an arm span. Bedroom size also needs to be bigger than the mattress size at least 1m on each side to create spaciousness and comfort in the bedroom.

Ru9 foam mattress - Mattress size - Full

Ru9 Mattress Full (1m4 x 2m x 25cm)

Who will need a large mattress?

The bigger the mattress, the more comfortable it is. However, each person will have different needs for mattress size. Here are some suggestions for those types of people who will need a large mattress.

  • Couples: When lying down by two, the most important thing is that your mattress is spacious enough for both of you to comfortably lie on your back with your arms under your head, and your elbows don’t touch each other. Even if you enjoy cuddling and snuggling, nothing is more important than the option to toss and turn throughout the night, without hitting into your partner.
Ru9 foam mattress - Mattress size - Queen

Ru9 Mattress Queen (1m6 x 2m x 25cm)

  • People with back or leg pain: Large mattress size give you space to sprawl out and spread from side to side, in any comfortable position, whenever you need it.
  • Active sleepers: It’s very difficult for these types of people to fall into a deep sleep without toss and turn on the mattress. And sometimes during sleep, you can also turn into your partner if the mattress is not wide enough.
  • People who sleep with pets or babies: Because you will need enough space to not wake them during the night. Note: Even though it may not be a problem for your baby to sleep with you for a while, remember that large beds should only be for teens and adults!
Ru9 foam mattress - Matrress size - King

Ru9 Mattress King (1m8 x 2m x 25cm)

Thereby, each type of mattress size will also be optimized for each type of person, as well as sleeping habits. To find out which mattress size is suitable for your sleeping style, please refer to the article “How to choose the suitable mattress size”.

Wish you always have a good night!


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