5 myths about foam mattresses

For several years, the Vietnamese mattress market has only a few materials. Therefore, customers usually have a lot of questions and concerns about the functionality, safety, and comfort of new mattress materials like memory foam. This article will show you 5 facts about foam mattresses in order to clarify popular concerns about this new material.

1 – “Sleeping on foam mattresses is very hot!”

The truth is, high-performance foam mattresses like Ru9 mattresses provide 95% more airflow in comparison with traditional memory foam. Besides, with the extra layer of memory foam integrated with cold gel in Ru9 mattresses, you will always feel cool and comfortable even in hot summer days.

In addition, Ru9 foam mattresses have breathable covers to maximize the cool feeling during your sleep.

2 – “Foam mattresses must be expensive”

The truth is, products from imported mattress brands can be expensive due to several layers of taxes. In addition, in the process of bringing the mattress from manufacturer to consumer, the mattress has to go through several intermediaries, leading to the price of the product being exceeded.

However, foam mattresses are not always expensive. For example, Ru9 mattresses will be delivered directly from the factory to your home which will reduce the costs of showroom rentals or agent discounts. Therefore, the benefit that the customers receive will be maximized. The price you pay is purely the actual value you receive.


3 – “Memory foam is comfortable at first, but then it collapses quickly”

The truth is, yes, if you own a low-quality foam mattress, this is an inevitable fact. Unfortunately, the poor quality Memory Foam is quite popular in China, leading to the fact that poor quality mattresses starting to appear on other markets as well. Therefore, you should look for a mattress that comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure your long-lasting good night sleep.

Besides, special 3-layer foam mattresses like Ru9 mattresses will help you feel secure about its long-term quality. On top of the mattress is the Countour Foam which helps you feel comfortable when lying down, and it also helps to fully support the natural curves of your body, so you will not feel pain when you wake up despite sleeping in any position. In the middle is a memory foam layer with the cold gel that provides an airy and cool feeling for your sleep. The bottom layer is PU Base Foam which will ensure that your mattress will always be fixed and firm.


4 – “Foam mattresses have an unpleasant smell.”

The truth is, most people think that foam is an industrial material so it would certainly have an unpleasant smell. This smell, again, is the result of low quality and cheap memory foam manufacturing process. When buying a foam mattress, make sure it meets the following criteria:

Also, make sure it has low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality. The amount must be less than 0.5 parts per million.


5 – “Is Foam mattress firm or soft?”

The truth is, soft or firm is depending on different feelings of each person. However, a suitable mattress is the one that can support your spine to the fullest, bringing the most comfortable sleep.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right mattress, try to look for brands that allow you to have a trial at home. Ru9 offers a 100-night trial sleep policy to provide the most genuine experience of the product and you can return it if you are not satisfied.


With these 5 facts, now you can pick the right foam mattress for your perfect sleep and find your best sleep with Ru9!


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