After two autumns in Saigon, Ms. Lynette Hutting – an English teacher at an international school – has gradually gotten used to the lifestyle here. But there was only one thing she could hardly be accustomed to: the uncomfortable mattresses.

Moving to Saigon in 2017, when faced with many choices in new life, Lynette had to instantly go find the most comfortable mattress for her, as to her, good sleep is the foundation of a healthy and happy life.


1. None of the mattresses is comfortable at all!

“When I arrived in 2017, I rented a furnished apartment that had two bedrooms. I tried sleeping in both beds but found the mattresses lacked comfort and support. I experienced constant lower back pain and this impacted my energy levels and mood. 

The following year I moved into a different apartment. The landlord assured me that a 10 centimeter crushed cotton mattress was appropriate for a person my age. He found this information on the internet. Fearing another year of back pain, I advised my landlord that I would prefer to research and purchase my own mattress.

Coming from Australia where the concept of the “mattress in a box” is well established, I began searching HCMC for a similar product. I knew these mattresses were by reputation extremely comfortable and offered great support for those with back problems.

Nevertheless, it turns out that foam mattresses have not become popular in Vietnam yet. Most of these mattresses are imported and have a very high price. The mattress marketplace in Vietnam does not give me much choice either.”

2. And 4 hours waiting for the miracle to happen!

“I was overjoyed to discover RU9 nearby in District 2. I visited their tranquil, welcoming showroom and was invited to make myself at home on the showroom bed. The helpful salesperson encouraged me to spend as much time as I wanted trying out the mattress. I like to sleep on my side so I wanted to know that the mattress would comfortably support my hips.

It wasn’t long before I made up my mind: I wanted a Ru9 mattress and I wanted to sleep on it that night. Would that be possible? Was I going to have to wait weeks for my order? Ru9’s very kind owners assured me they could make it happen and they delivered on that promise. 

4 hours after I left the showroom, my new mattress arrived. The modest size of the box means the packaging is kept to a minimum which is good for the planet. Installation instructions are simple and easy to follow. I was able to get the mattress set up on my own with ease.

Nệm Ru9 trên giường và hộp nệm cho giấc ngủ ngon

3. The only regret…

“… is that I can’t bring Ru9 with me to Australia. Because I have been sleeping on my Ru9 mattress for a year now and look forward to a comfortable night’s rest every night. When I go away, I always look forward to coming home to a decent night’s sleep. 

From the showroom, through the sales process and aftercare, the entire experience with the people and product at Ru9 has been positive. I am so pleased to endorse this dynamic, young company and thank them for their efforts and vision to bring a better night’s sleep to the sleepers of HCMC.”

Sleep should not be something you must try to find, or get used to – because it brings quality and healthy life. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, consider improving your sleep by upgrading mattresses and pillows – two essential elements of good sleep.

Besides, with a 100-night free trial from Ru9, you don’t need to worry if the products are right for you or not – because you can return the products without any reason.


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