100-night trial

100 Nights Trial

If for any reason that you do not feel satisfied during the first 100 nights of your recently purchased product, you can choose to return the goods and receive a refund.

To be eligible for a product refund, you must have paid in full and have slept on the purchased item for 14 days before returning it. Your body takes a while to adjust to the new mattress and pillow, so we suggest you to try using the products for at least 14 days.

The returned goods must be in the original condition and not damaged by external impact. Ru9 will not use the returned products for sale to other guests but we will clean, re-wrap, and donate it to charity.

To complete the product refund, we will ask you to present a receipt or proof of your purchase and be present at the time of the scheduled delivery.

This policy is limited to one product per family and cannot be used to exchange to another mattress size. The product you intend to refund must be returned directly to Ru9 within 100 days of delivery (or ownership).

Our 100-night trial policy only applies to original buyers of genuine Ru9 products and purchased products directly from the website at Ru9.vn or from our authorized distributors.

This policy does not apply to the Ru9 Custom mattresses as they are made according to customer’s specifications.